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The standard of quality of instruction and overall mindset of the IPS is a breath of fresh air. There is real scholarship, experience, time, and devotion behind the teachers here, which can be so hard to find. I’ve not regretted one minute or dollar spent on learning history and technique through The Irish Pagan School!

Marcus Varner  recommends The Irish Pagan School.

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IPS is a real, authentic source for information on the topics they provide. The classes are very well thought out and informative, as well as easy to access. There are both free and paid classes, so there is information available for everyone to get started, as well as plenty of resources given with the classes for further study. There is just SO MUCH here to make being a student more than worth it! I am glad to be a part of it and look forward to deepening my connections with the classes and information I am learning.

Crystal Ann Jordan  recommends The Irish Pagan School.