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Through the Irish Pagan School community, we offer our unique mixture of native teaching knowledge and local cultural expertise, to provide you with the most authentic Irish Pagan classes, content, and educational resources available anywhere, online or in person.

Through our online courses and content resources, you will gain access to contemporary descendents of ancient seasonal rituals, unearth the Celtic myths, and begin to truly understand the cultural aspects which make Ireland so special, through invaluable insights into contemporary Irish culture and community.

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The Irish Pagan School will guide you, as you embark upon an exciting journey to explore the many facets of modern Paganism in an engaging and interactive manner.

As a community member, you can:

  • Easily learn about authentic Irish Paganism, without the confusion of searching for crappy content
  • Feel a deep and genuine connection to Irish traditions & culture
  • Receive practical guidance for your spiritual path
  • Understand how ancient wisdom still applies today
  • Reclaim calm and balance through Meditation and Guided Journeys
  • Access high quality content from internationally acclaimed experts
  • Gain insight from an academic perspective, which is not usually available outside a University degree
  • Focus on developing a respectful, blessed spiritual practice, without the overwhelm or anxiety of trying to ‘get it right’…

These community resource emails – sent directly to you on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week – will quickly guide to know right from wrong, without the stress of having to figure it all out alone.

The courses at the Irish Pagan School offer an in-depth approach to Irish Paganism that is based on genuine history and folklore. There is so much here for curious learners of all levels to gain knowledge and insight on their spiritual paths while avoiding the misinformation that is sadly common in popular modern Paganism. I have benefited greatly from the classes and look forward to taking more.

Rowan Ivesย ย recommendsย The Irish Pagan School.

The Irish Pagan School community (Tuath) will provide you with:

  • The most up-to-date information on classes, both free and paid
  • Bios of our experienced native teachers, including their qualifications in a range of disciplines
  • Specialised and trustworthy free educational resources, delivered consistently each week.

You’ll never have to hunt around the internet, or waste money on crappy Neo Pagan books, in your search for authentic connection to Irish history, folklore, mythology, and spirituality.