How to Know if the Morrigan is Calling?

How to Know if the Morrigan is Calling You?
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If you’re curious about the Morrigan and want to know if she’s reaching out to you, this guide is a must-read. Here you can learn how to know if the Morrigan is calling, what it could mean for your personal spiritual journey, and what to do about it.

The Morrigan is a powerful goddess from Irish mythology, associated with battle, prophecy, magic, and sovereignty. If you feel drawn to her and want to know if she’s calling you, there are certain signs and symbols to look out for.

(Note: I use the spelling M贸rr铆gan, personally, but have included the variant without fadas for SEO purposes, as this is what most people search for.)

Who is the Morrigan?

The M贸rr铆gan is a complex and fascinating figure in Irish mythology, embodying a variety of roles and an array of varying symbolism. As a war goddess in a mythology which lacks a specific war god (with the possible exception of N茅it, of whom we know little), she challenges traditional gender roles and presents us in the modern age with intriguing puzzles.

Her multifaceted and fluid nature invites us to explore native Irish spirituality, and our mythological tales, in new and thought-provoking ways.

The M贸rr铆gan is not only an individual, but sometimes a trio – though which three are included differs by source. The title ‘Great Queen’ is also held by a group of possible Goddesses, as well as other beings linked to each other by that name, including the Badb, Macha, Nemain, Fea, and Anu.

Crow on the battlefield, wolf, eel, heifer, white-haired hag, daughter of a king – the M贸rr铆gan is all of these things and more as she shape-shifts through the stories. She embodies power, sovereignty, prophecy, magic, and the mysteries of life and death.

To understand the M贸rr铆gan is to delve into the heart of Irish mythology and spirituality. Her teaching tales offer us insight into the struggles and triumphs of our ancestors, as well as wisdom that can be applied to our lives today.

By working with the M贸rr铆gan, we can tap into our own inner warrior spirit (whether we are fighting physical battles, or any other kind), and connect with the land and its cycles in profound ways.

Whether you are new to Irish spirituality or a seasoned practitioner, if the Morrigan is calling then seeking her lore and symbolism can deepen your understanding of this rich tradition.

Join us on this journey of discovery and transformation as we explore how to know if the Morrigan is calling.

Signs that the Morrigan is Calling You

First off, none of this is easy to quantify or qualify. Spiritual engagement and interaction, going both ways, is by nature intangible and often mysterious.

Nobody can tell you with 100% certainty that the M贸rr铆gan is, or is not, reaching out to you personally (and please be wary of anyone who claims to know for sure!). It is up to you to keep a record of things that seem odd, out of the ordinary, repetitive (patterns), or particularly significant.

That being said, if you feel a strong pull towards the Morrigan, it could be a sign that she is reaching out to you. This usually manifests as a thought or an idea that just won’t go away, appearing in your mind at random times, apropos of nothing explicable.

It could be a strong feeling or reaction to something related to the Morrigan, emotional or physical, that you can’t explain by normal reasoning. If something strikes you powerfully in the moment, energetically, emotionally, or with a physical sensation, it is worth paying attention to and making note of.

And yes, I do mean make a literal note. Keeping an accurate record of events, feelings or dreams/visions is a very important part of figuring out whether there are patterns to any of this, and putting them in context with regard to both the M贸rr铆gan’s mythology, and your own life.

You may start seeing crows or ravens frequently, or any corvids really, although I would caution that sometimes a crow is just a crow. The difference comes with an unusual frequency of corvids, often showing up with great suddenness, or in an unusual location, or in a huge crowd of them.

Not one or two crows on a pole as you stroll by, my friends, we’re talking a mass murder darkening the sky and then descending on your roof, or some similar apocalypse seeming situation. It’s not that the M贸rr铆gan (or the Badb, or any of them) would never show up in the form of a singular corvid, indeed, that’s often the case in the stories, such as the T谩in B贸 Regamna.

However, when attempting to catch the attention of an often oblivious human, while in corvid form, it has been my experience that she will start off by going big. The M贸rr铆gan is not subtle, when there’s something that she wants.

You might also begin having vivid dreams or visions of the Goddess, in an awake or sleeping state. If you meditate, or journey (and you should! – see here for free guidance that is beginner and neuro-diverse friendly), this is an obvious point of contact for any ancestor, deity, or even the Sidhe.

Again, paying attention to the often elusive dream state will do you a great favour when dealing with any deity, but especially the M贸rr铆gan who works so much in the realms of prophecy and the Otherworld.

Keep a notebook by your bed and record your dreams on waking. It is advice that’s often given, because it works. If the Morrigan is calling, she very often does it through your dreams.

>>> Take a Class on Dreamwork in the Irish Tradition Here.

Although the M贸rr铆gan is not a motherly or particularly caring Goddess, neither in the mythological tradition upon which we must base our knowledge of her, nor in my own 20+ years of experience in working with her… she can at times step in if a person she has a use for is in need of some support.

You may therefore experience a sense of protection or guidance during difficult times, particularly if you are in danger – physical, emotional, or spiritual. I see this as the Goddess paying attention to things that may interrupt her plans and strategies, personally, but of course you may take it as you will.

If the Morrigan is calling you, and you have been engaging in any study of her mythology, you will become familiar with how she shows up in the stories, and may begin experiencing synchronicities or coincidences related to her lore.

The more you know about her authentic and true traditions, sourced from the culture in which she came to be, the easier it gets to figure out if she is genuinely reaching out you, or not. It’s important to trust your intuition and pay attention to these signs, as they could be messages from the Morrigan herself.

However, it takes time to do this, to clarify the patterns based on your personal notes and records, and to learn what is real and what is really not, with regard to the amount of absolute bullshit that people spew about this Irish Goddess online every day.

It might take you weeks, months, or even years, to ascertain if the Morrigan is calling you, and that’s ok. She works in the big picture and the long term strategies, so be patient and get it right.

How to Respond to the Morrigan’s Call

If you feel that the Morrigan is reaching out to you, it’s important to take the time to reflect on what this could mean for you, or why it might be happening.

Spoiler Alert: it’s rarely because you’re some sort of chosen one who now has a massive flashy and super important destiny to fulfil as the Morrigan’s one true warrior. Sorry, but please, step away from those leanings or inclinations.

If the Morrigan wants you, it’s because there’s work to do. Specifically, you likely have a small and seemingly (at the time) insignificant part to play in some bigger and longer term picture that is playing out under her guidance and ministrations. It will usually involve a lot of hard graft, intense personal development, and mostly thankless labour on your part.

Do I sound bitter? I am, because I’m speaking from personal experience.

Whatever credit or public credibility I have these days, is a mere by-product of over two decades of daily – and I mean every day – dedication, devotion, study, upskilling, and mostly unseen service. Glory was never the goal, for me or for Herself, although I do make conscious use of it now it’s here.

For personal gratification? Nah, not likely. I’d prefer to be tucked up in a mountain cave somewhere living my best life, mostly alone. I keep doing the work and using what I’ve gained, just so I can help more people, build safe and solid communities, and continue to serve. Any ‘spoils of war’ have been accidental, although I am grateful for those that sustain me and mine, of course.

And you? Consider what areas of your life may need protection, guidance, or transformation. Take the time, consult those notes you’ve carefully kept, examine them in the context of what was going in the rest of your life at the time, where you were in nature’s cycles such as the Pagan Festivals when particularly significant events occurred, or even what was happening in the world at large.

Sitting quietly on a regular basis in a dedicated space, such as before an altar, can open you to hearing or feeling if there is contact being made, or messages the M贸rr铆gan wishes you to receive. It also gives you the opportunity to communicate back, through prayer or devotionals.

As mentioned above, it is essential to educate yourself on the Morrigan’s mythology and history, as well as the cultural context in which she originated. Remember to approach the Morrigan with respect and humility, and to always trust your intuition… but also understand that we are human and prone to fantasy, projection, or wish fulfillment.

If you are experiencing things that are at odds with the basics of her lore in the Irish tradition, or setting you up to be the one-true-way point of contact for this deity, with a special responsibility for passing on her wisdom even to very experienced native practitioners… that’s more likely to be a you thing than a her thing.

In related news, if people could stop contacting me with super important messages from the Morrigan that she has allegedly given them in order to pass on to me, that would be great. I get at least one of these per week, and people, I promise you, me and her are good. The lines are open and the communication is flowing both ways, most days, for over 20 years.

If the Morrigan is calling you by telling you to get in touch with me personally… please re-assess?

Seeking Support when the Morrigan is Calling

The good news is, you’re not alone! If you feel the Morrigan is calling you after going through all of the above, you have community available for guidance and support.

>>> For example, I run the FB Group the Morrigan’s Cave Here.

One of the concerns I am most often asked for support on is, does the M贸rr铆gan always have to be the one to reach out to you? Can a person seek the guidance or support of this Goddess for their own ends?

Answer, of course!

Honouring the M贸rr铆gan means showing respect and gratitude for her guidance and protection, and acknowledging her power and influence in this world and the Other. If you have studied the lore of this Goddess, and feel drawn to her for any reason, you can absolutely begin to build a relationship with her, even if you never felt that the Morrigan is calling you first.

Remember to approach her with respect and sincerity, and to always be open to the messages and guidance she may have for you, whether you like it or not. Often, one of the truest signs that a deity is reaching out to you, is if they give you something to do that you really don’t want to do.

It doesn’t have to be hard though, as you begin to figure out your relationship with the M贸rr铆gan. Starting by giving rather than expecting to receive is a great beginning to a healthy and respectful balance, as it would be in any relationship.

To this end, I have devised a small programme that can be used to get things going, whether you feel the Morrigan is calling you first, or not.

You can get access today to a free, 5 day challenge. Working with the T谩in B贸 C煤ailnge as a source text, this exclusive course offers students short pieces of devotional text to read, think about, and meditate on each day.

In the evening, you then consider the devotional excerpt again, say a short prayer to the M贸rr铆gan which is adapted from a traditional Irish prayer, and go to sleep with a journal (or recording device/tool of preference) close at hand.

The next morning, you can capture a stream of consciousness flow, or use the journal prompts provided, to record your thoughts and feelings.

As you can see, I incorporated all of the above advice into the creation of this challenge, because this is what works when you wish to build your connection and relationship with the M贸rr铆gan.

Discover the rich history and mythology of the M贸rr铆gan while developing a daily practice and strengthening your relationship with her.

Click Here to Access the Free 5 Day Morrigan Challenge!

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3 thoughts on “How to Know if the Morrigan is Calling?

  1. I remember the first time she came to me. It was in a dream on September 1st. I think it was…2017 or 2018. But it was clear as day. She came to me as a red haired woman in hunting gear, and a gray wolf beside her. She said one thing: “I am the Morrigan.” It was the most cool experience I’ve had, and not long after she tore the rug from beneath me to shape me into the woman I am now. I’m eternally grateful.

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