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Trustworthy Sources for Irish Paganism is your 10 Step Intro and Checklist to Beat Overwhelm

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This Checklist and Guide is designed to answer the question: What was your biggest problem when you were starting out in Irish Paganism... something you wish someone would have just solved for you?!

We've provided the best source materials, ranked in suggested order of exploration, in multiple different formats and price ranges (most are actually free resources!) to ensure accessibility.

Whether you are brand new to Paganism, just exploring a casual interest in Irish spirituality, or you have more experience in other traditions and want a deeper dive into the Irish ways specifically... this Free Guide and Checklist will cut out overwhelm about the scope of information, and provide a clear pathway to authentic Irish Paganism.

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Includes information on:

  • The definition of Paganism (as we see it)
  • Telling the difference between truth and fiction
  • Sorting out exactly where and how to start on your personal spiritual path, for authentic connection to Ireland.

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