About the Irish Pagan School

Hi! We’re Lora O’Brien and Jon O’Sullivan.

Welcome to the Irish Pagan School, a place where you can explore the deep roots of Irish Paganism and our native spiritual traditions here in Ireland. Our online classes are designed to connect you with the ancient wisdom of Ireland in a way that feels accessible and meaningful.

In this video we break it all down, with no holds barred… What exactly does IPS stand for? (Hint: it’s not what you might think!)

The Irish Pagan School was established in 2017, and is based in County Waterford, Ireland. At present, our HQ is a private residence, and we do not have premises or events which are open to the public.

We do provide authentic Irish Pagan teaching and traditions. The School was co-founded by Irish Authors, Guides, and Heritage Educators Lora O’Brien and Jon O’Sullivan, as a platform to promote and support genuine native Irish teaching and teachers.

Our teachers are passionate experts who are historians, folklorists, and mythologists… often deeply immersed in Irish Paganism and our native spiritual traditions. They bring their wealth of knowledge and personal experiences to the virtual classroom. With their guidance, you’ll gain insights into ancient Irish myths, folklore, and sacred practices, forging a powerful connection with the spiritual essence of Ireland.

Online Courses offered at the School may occasionally include quality education from sources outside Ireland, but only if they are respectfully aware and mutually supporting native based educators and communities, in Right Relationship with Ireland.

We believe that the key to spiritual growth lies in understanding and honouring the beliefs and practices of our ancestors. This article provides our viewpoint on Contemporary Irish Paganism.

That’s why we offer a range of courses to suit everyone, whether you’re just starting out or have been on this path for a while. Our classes are flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own space. We combine informative lectures, hands-on exercises, guided journeys, and thought-provoking resources, to provide you with the tools to help you reflect and grow on your spiritual journey.

One of the great things about our online school is the supportive community we’ve built. We believe in the strength of shared experiences and the wisdom of coming together. Our online groups and events give you a space to connect with fellow seekers, learn from each other, and build meaningful relationships. We provide virtual spaces where you can truly feel like you belong to the Irish Pagan community.

By enrolling in our online classes, you’ll embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Whether you want to deepen your knowledge of Irish mythology, learn the true history and folklore of Ireland, connect with our sacred landscapes and ancient sites, or incorporate ancestral Irish spiritual practices into your life, the Irish Pagan School offers a comprehensive curriculum that empowers you to walk the path of Irish Paganism with confidence and authenticity.

We invite you to join us on this sacred journey, where the wisdom of Ireland is waiting to be explored. Embrace the beauty of our heritage and awaken the power within you. Enroll in the Irish Pagan School today and embark on an adventure that will enrich your spiritual path for years to come.

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